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About Us

The season of change came for us in 2009 when we were suddenly faced with making decisions for our loved one.  The reality of what all this entailed became very daunting.  We wanted to allow our loved one to remain in her home with her memories and in her familiar surroundings.  Her safety was a big concern and we worried about her ability to remember her medications. We asked, what is going to happen if she falls?  How can she get to her appointments if we can’t get off of work?  Would it be better for her to live in a facility?


We explored every avenue.  The answer was clear.  For her well-being and health, she should be in the familiarity of her own home, with someone to help her in her day to day tasks.   We know that socialization enhances the quality of life and would add years to her life expectancy.  She needed someone to talk and laugh with, while helping her to feel safe and secure.


Through various experiences with caregivers and the process, I thought, “I can do better than this.”  I can find quality, compassionate caregivers.  Thus came the birth of Texas Heartfelt Personal Care, LLC.


Our mission is to treat our elderly and disabled with dignity and respect and show compassion to the terminally ill while providing the best care they deserve.  We believe in living life to the fullest, no matter what the obstacles may be.  It is our greatest desire to provide extraordinary care with a personal touch.


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Texas Heartfelt Personal Care, LLC        Bonded   •   Licensed   •   Insured